Likes for Sale
Likes for Sale
20231 season

Having pursued fame the traditional way to no avail, dejected actor Wagner turns to eccentric guru Johnny Silva for help. Johnny’s "fake it till you make it" advice propels Wagner to internet fame — complete with millions of followers, invented romances, and bogus movie roles. Now an internet celebrity, Wagner plans to ride the wave until the wheels fall off… assuming he doesn’t get canceled first.

Likes for Sale

This Brazilian comedy follows Wagner, a dejected actor who pays the bills by performing at nursing homes and children’s birthday parties. After countless failed casting calls, Wagner seeks guidance from the eccentric guru Johnny Silva, whose advice to pursue fame at all cost propels Wagner to invent a fake life on social media — complete with a fake romance with a celebrity and a fake role in an action movie. And to Wagner’s surprise, it works! He gains millions of followers and is actually cast in his first film role. But the price of internet fame comes with lots of haters and the ever-present threat of being canceled. Following Johnny’s step-by-step guide, Wagner undertakes wild and dangerous stunts that nearly break him and the internet. On the success of his biggest stunt yet, Wagner is invited to participate in a major movie production in Spain, but on the way there his plane mysteriously disappears, leaving the world to ask: Where’s Wagner?

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

Release date:2023
Series Rating:16
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Creator: André Brandt
Starring:Fábio LagoAna Carol MachadoLúcio Mauro FilhoZéu BrittoMariana VazEvandro Mesquita

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