Spring 1945. There is peace in Europe at last. Three young people face great challenges in post-war Switzerland. The longing for a new beginning is enormous, but the past cannot simply be shaken off. A story about good will and the loss of innocence.


Spring 1945. In Switzerland, everyone is in a mood for a new dawn, including three young people. Klara, 23, the idealistic daughter of the Tobler family of factory owners, works in a refugee home. There, she meets children and teenagers who survived concentration camps. This encounter shakes her faith in the good in people and triggers a fierce conflict with her family and husband. Klara's sense of justice creates a bond between her and her brother-in-law Egon Leutenegger, 32, an ambitious federal civil servant who puts himself at the service of his country. His clear goal is to bring Nazis who have fled to Switzerland to justice. In the process, political and business matters throw obstacles in Egon's path.

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