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20211 season
FantasyAnimationSuper Hero

Liv, Andy and Mike secretly form a team of superheroes, the GhostForce, to fight against the ghosts wreaking havoc in New York and using fear to increase their powers.


Liv, Andy and Mike are three high schoolers who secretly form the GhostForce, a team of superheroes with ghostly powers. Using technology created by their mentor, Ms. Jones, and with the help of the mysterious Glowboo, they fight to capture the ghosts that haunt New York City. To overcome them, our heroes must regularly join forces and work as a team...before they return to school for their next class!

Release date:2021
Genre:FantasyAnimationSuper Hero
Series Rating:6
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Creator: Jeremy Zag
Starring:Tara SandsJordan QuisnoOgie BanksCedric WilliamsCassandra Lee Morris

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