Investigating magistrate Candela is transferred to El Hierro, the most remote of the Canary Islands. There, she discovers a suspicious community and is confronted by the death of a young local boy, murdered the day before his wedding.


A corpse with signs of a brutal murder is hauled out of the sea off the coast of the volcanic island, El Hierro. Diaz, a local entrepreneur with a shady past, is arrested as the main suspect. Candela, a forceful, temperamental judge, sanctioned and banished to Hierro, makes her first controversial decision: releasing Diaz on bail. This very unpopular choice triggers the islanders’ mistrust. Candela strongly believes she must do her duty and follow the law above all else, even if it conflicts with her own instincts. Meanwhile Diaz is out to get the culprit, prove his innocence and find out who has set him up, no matter what it takes. Diametrically opposed but determined to uncover the truth, both sides set out on an emotional and physical journey to hell.

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