Ultimate Comics
Ultimate Comics
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20161 season
Science FictionComedyAnimationAction-Adventure

Spider-Man and Iron Man team-up to defeat a re-energized Batroc the Leaper. Black Panther battles against super-villain, Ghost.

Ultimate Comics

After Spider-Man stops some crooks from robbing a Stark Enterprises facility, Iron Man decides to pay him back with some on the job training. His plan goes awry when D-List villain Batroc the Leaper returns with new powers. Black Panther gets a visit from Everett K. Ross to discuss security for a possible international summit in Wakanda. The visit is unexpectedly interrupted by super-villain, Ghost.

Release date:2016
Genre:Science FictionComedyAnimationAction-Adventure
Series Rating:9
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Starring:Cole HowardBrian Drummond

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