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2015 - 20162 seasons
DramaPolice / CopProcedural

The most brilliant private pathologist in Miami uses his highly sophisticated autopsy lab to perform for-hire autopsies to uncover clues that the Miami P.D. can’t see.


DR. BEAUMONT ROSEWOOD, JR., the city’s top private pathologist. Brilliant, cool with tons of charisma, Rosewood teams up with the tough-as-nails DETECTIVE ANNALISE VILLA, to uncover clues no one else sees and help the Miami PD solve the city’s most challenging cases.

Release date:2015 - 2016
Genre:DramaPolice / CopProcedural
Series Rating:14
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Creator: Todd Harthan
Starring:Morris ChestnutJaina Lee OrtizEddie CibrianGabrielle DennisAnna KonkleDomenick Lombardozzi

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