Hamster & Gretel
Hamster & Gretel
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20221 season
ComedyAnimationSuper HeroAction-Adventure

9-year-old Gretel and her pet hamster, "Hamster," are given superpowers by aliens. Their mission? To defeat an array of eclectic villains while not blowing their cover!

Hamster & Gretel

Gretel Grant-Gomez and her pet hamster, "Hamster," are given superpowers by aliens and the big responsibility of being "Heroes on Earth!" Gretel's teen brother, Kevin, on the other hand, was overlooked by the aliens, and is stuck being "superhero adjacent." However, he is often the brains behind each mission! Now, Hamster & Gretel must save the world from one supervillain after another, all while keeping their identities a secret!

Release date:2022
Genre:ComedyAnimationSuper HeroAction-Adventure
Series Rating:6
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Creator: Dan Povenmire
Starring:Meli PovenmireMichael CiminoBeck BennettMatt JonesCarolina RavassaJoey King

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