A love triangle romance drama where a woman born with superpowers, Do Bong-soon, meets a never-seen rich man, Ahn Min-hyeok and an honest police officer, In Gook-doo.

Strong Girl Bong-soon

Bong-soon is a petite and peculiar girl born from a lineage of super strong women, literally inheriting supernatural strength. She has to be careful not to get noticed and the gift of strength is lost if used for selfish gain. The burden of her strength motivates her to dream of joining a successful gaming company and creating a new game with a character like her that doesn't need to hide her identity. One day, Min-hyeok, a young entrepreneur of a successful gaming company, hires her to be his bodyguard and help him identify his blackmailer. They often bicker but grow close as they work together. While Min-hyeok develops affection for Bong-soon, she is still infatuated with her childhood crush Gook-doo who is now a serious police detective. As young women in their neighborhood are abducted, the hunt for the suspect ensues and Gook-doo aims to protect Bong-soon who is trying to protect Min-hyeok.

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