Synduality Noir
Synduality Noir
12Closed Captions
20231 season
Science FictionAnimeAnimationAction-Adventure

The year is 2242. Kanata wants to be a Drifter and meets Noir, who is a dud Magus with no memories. However, because Noir excels in battle against the Enders, Kanata partners with her and discovers exactly what it takes to be a Drifter.

Synduality Noir

When the deadly Blueschist poison rained down from the sky, mankind fled underground to escape the disaster known as the Tears of the New Moon. 100 years later, humanity reemerged onto the surface to begin a new era. Under the constant threat of Enders above ground, humans forged new settlements called Nests alongside AI humanoids called Magus. Fast forward to year 2242, Kanata dreams of becoming a Drifter. While out exploring some museum ruins with renowned Drifter, Tokio, he discovers a Magus named Noir who has lost all of her memories. Noir struggles with everyday tasks, but she excels in battle against the Enders. Kanata partners with Noir as he discovers exactly what it takes to be a Drifter.

Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

Release date:2023
Genre:Science FictionAnimeAnimationAction-Adventure
Series Rating:12
Season 1 Rating:12
Starring:Takeo OtsukaAoi KogaNagisa AoyamaYusuke KobayashiFuminori KomatsuKonomi Inagaki

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