Wei Xiaobao uses his quick wits to hustle between the imperial court and dangerous groups in the kung fu world despite knowing no kung fu at all. Disguised as a eunuch at first, he becomes Emperor Kangxi’s unlikely friend by chance. Encountering all sorts and dangers along the way, Xiaobao manages to help Kangxi secure his reign and becomes the Duke of Deer Cauldron.

The Deer and the Cauldron

Wei Xiaobao is the most unlikely hero as the sly-but-witty son of a prostitute during the early Qing Dynasty. As he makes his way from a brothel in Yangzhou to the capital city of Peking, he encounters all kinds of troubles and mishaps. When he is abducted and taken to the imperial palace, Xiaobao disguises himself as a eunuch to survive. By chance, he meets the young Emperor Kangxi, and the two become unlikely friends. Encountering all sorts of accidents along the way, Xiaobao manages to help Kangxi protect his throne from dangerous enemies, while surviving several attacks and abductions by cults and other dangerous groups. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with seven different women.

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