The Missing
The Missing
2014 - 20162 seasons

The Missing takes you inside the mind of a father, desperate to find his lost son. Told through a delicate and complex narrative that reflects the fractured and frantic battle for a lost child.

The Missing

When five-year-old Oliver Hughes goes missing while on holiday in France, the fate of the Hughes family is changed forever. Trapped in a foreign country and surrounded by the apathy of a people they cannot understand, the Missing takes you through the mind of Tony Hughes, a father hellbent on finding his lost son. Taking place in two different periods simultaneously, the Missing alternates between the past - where we witness the trials and tribulations faced by the Hughes family as they get embroiled in a high-profile, TRP-fuelled media maelstrom where the judgment of the court of public opinion reigns supreme and desperation forces people to take life-changing measures and the present - where the ensuing fallout from the now eight-year-old case has destroyed the Hughes family and everyone involved in it. In this gripping thriller, allies emerge, accusations get hurled, and lives get ruined as the once peaceful town of Chalon Du Bois faces a harsh reality. The Missing is a chilling, resonant, and heart-breaking drama of a life consumed by hope and the conviction of love, loss, and truth.

Release date:2014 - 2016
Series Rating:16
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Starring:James NesbittFrances O’ConnorTchéky KaryoJason FlemyngArsher AliSaïd Taghmaoui