That Zhuge Kongming? He ends up in Shibuya! He reincarnated! Zhuge Kongming meets Eiko Tsukimi and is captivated by her singing voice. He becomes her strategist. The tactician dominates the music scene with his strategies. Kongming is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu, and Eiko Tsukimi is played by Kaede Hondo and 96Neko.

Ya Boy Kongming!

That Zhuge Kongming? He somehow ends up in Shibuya! Dope, he was reborn into the modern world! While in Shibuya, Zhuge Kongming meets Eiko Tsukimi and is captivated by her incredible singing voice. He even becomes her strategist. The genius military strategist's prowess and schemes make him dominant in the music scene. A new legend has been born. The original work ""Ya Boy Kongming"", a massively popular serialization on Young Magazine, is adapted into an anime by P.A. WORKS! Zhuge Kongming is played by Ryotaro Okiayu, a voice actor famous for voicing many Three Kingdom characters over the years. Eiko Tsukimi is played by two actresses; the acting is by Kaede Hondo and the songs are sung by internet singer 96Neko, who has garnered explosive popularity for her charisma. Unpredictable and shocking mind games! Overwhelming music and songs! This hilarious, touching, and energetic TV anime is an unstoppable rush.

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