Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins
Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins
TV-PGClosed Captions
20231 saison
RéalitéSérie documentaireStyle de vie

Travel writer Jeff Jenkins crisscrosses the globe in search of unique ways to push beyond his comfort zone.

Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins

Guided by his philosophy that “life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone” – travel journalist, Jeff Jenkins is seeking out destinations and adventures around the world that would scare most traveler's silly. Along the way, Jeff will take on physical challenges and experience out-of-the-box cultural experiences around the globe... crossing paths with larger-than-life-locals... all to share every swashbuckling adventure with his followers along the way.

Durée :44 min
Date de sortie :2023
Genre :RéalitéSérie documentaireStyle de vie
Classement de la série :TV-PG
Classement de la saison 1 :TV-PG
Distribution :Jeff Jenkins

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