Baixamemoria, Cronosplays and Spok are best friends. They decide to go on a vacation with Bia, but their plans change when they hear about a holiday tournament. They're surprised by the arrival of Abud Al Bumbud and his assistants. During the first round, they meet their rivals: the Skeletons. The Skeletons win to reveal their true identity and also why they took part in the competition.

A Família Craft em Uma Aventura das Arabias

Baixamemoria, Cronosplays and Spok are three best friends who like living virtual adventures in their videogames. But there's always room for more real adventures for them! The friends go on a vacation with Bia, Baixamemoria's girlfriend, to relax and to meet their common friend Ana. But the gang's plans change when they hear about a competition, the holiday tournament, which will take place in the same hotel where they'll be staying, and the grand prize is close and exclusive access to an ancient relic. But it will not be that easy: the gang is surprised to hear that Abud Al Bumbud, the Grand Vizier of Sultan Khaled Abdullah, from the caliphate of El Arbi, and his assistants, Ali and Babá, have arrived in town. The first day of the tournament, they meet their rival team: the Skeletons, and to their even greater surprise, the team members are the Grand Vizier, Ali, Babá, and Ana. Yes, Ana will be competing against the gang! The games start, but the Skeletons always end up winning by cheating. At the end, the Skeletons become the winners only to reveal their true identity. It's them, Professor Whiter, Cree and Per. They also reveal why Ana had to join their team and their hidden agenda for taking part in the tournament: They want to lay hands on Osiris's egg so as to complete their Sacred Gems collection, which will in turn free Jafir the genius, who is capable of turning Professor Whiter into the richest man alive!

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