When Hannah, editor at her family’s publishing house, finds that her parents have brought old rival Ryan in as a consultant right before Christmas, she’s furious. But after discovering famed novelist Tina Finnegan lives in town, she teams up with Ryan to sign her as a client. However, they quickly realize that Tina has lost her Christmas spirit and doesn’t want to write anymore. With the help of a guardian angel, Hannah, Ryan and Tina are all about to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

Hannah, editor at the Printed Press in idyllic Angel Falls, has held a grudge against Ryan, editor at Pages Publishing in New York, ever since he “stole” her dream job after college. Back in Angel Falls to settle his parents’ estate, Ryan locks eyes with Hannah at the tree lighting ceremony. Startled to see each other, they exchange awkward greetings, fraught with undertones of an attraction. The next morning at the Printed Press, Hannah is surprised to see Ryan visiting her parents, who own the company. An expert in book promotion, Ryan is offering advice, and since he’s between jobs, he accepts a position at the press as a special consultant. Upset, Hannah goes to her favorite bookstore to vent with the owner, Ashley, who offers books to her friend as a distraction. Meanwhile, Anthony, an “angelic” gentleman, new to town, quietly walks through the aisles. He leaves a book jutting from a shelf, then exits. Suddenly that book, a romance novel by Tina Finnegan, catches Hannah’s eye, and Ashley mentions the author has left her publishing house, and might be available to steal. The next morning, Hannah arrives at work to find Anthony is the new receptionist. He hands her the bestseller list, and at the top is Memories of Christmas, the novel Hannah coincidentally took from the bookstore. Ryan enters as they’re talking and seeing the book, mentions that its author just rented his parents’ house. Excited, Hannah says she’s always wished she could sign a writer the caliber of Tina Finnegan, to which Anthony, wisely points out, “A wish isn’t going to grant itself.” Trying to help, Ryan offers to introduce Hannah to Tina at the wreath-making. But while Ryan and Hannah have a great time, Tina arrives looking sad. In fact, when Hannah asks her about her writing future, Tina replies she’s authored her last book, and quickly leaves. Later, after Hannah burns the Christmas cookies for an event at Ashley’s bookstore, Tina steps up to help. While they bake, Hannah talks about wanting a man like those in Tina’s books, and Tina finally opens up, revealing that many of the heroes in her romance novels are modeled after her late husband. Since he grew up in Angel Falls, Tina came to the town to be close to his spirit. Taking the box of decorations Anthony “accidentally” overbought, Ryan and Hannah go to Tina’s to cheer her up by decorating. Ryan has avoided going inside his parents’ house to escape all the memories. But recalling Anthony’s wisdom about the joy memories can hold, Ryan steps inside and revels in his beloved past. He also reveals to Hannah why he took the job at Pages Publishing, causing her to see him in an entirely different light. Hannah starts to fall for him until she overhears Ryan excitedly talking about leaving Angel Falls again. Tina is also talking about leaving, unable to handle the memories of her husband. It’s a good thing an Angel happens to be in town, helping people deal with these memories, and guiding them toward their destined home.

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