Sicily, Bagheria, from the 1930s to the 1980s. 50 years of history in Tornatore's hometown, from Fascism to Christian Democracy, following the story of Peppino: first a stubborn child then a young communist in love with beautiful Mannina, then a grown man, husband and father. This award-winning film features music by Ennio Morricone and a cast including Francesco Scianna and Margareth Madè.


“We Terranuova would like to embrace the world, but our arms are too short”. The story of the Sicilian Terranuova family as seen through the eyes of Peppino, first a son, then a man, husband and father, until he reached old age in the late 1980s. Peppino is Pietro's son, a poor and humble man who lives day-to-day but has learned to read and is considered a subversive because he does not adhere to Mussolini's dictatorial policies. From an early age Peppino helped his family by working as a shepherd, showing a strong and rebellious character. He grew up and joined the Communist Party and fell in love with a beautiful girl, Mannina. Her parents do not approve because she comes from a poor family and is a communist and decide to give her in marriage to a rich young man. But Peppino and Mannina do not give up and continue their relationship in secret until they decide to make it official by eloping, locking themselves in her house. Finally, they can get married and the family grows, but they live in difficult conditions because Peppino, who is involved in the party in increasingly important positions, does not have a steady job. Years of sacrifice and struggle await them, from the Agrarian Reform to the phase in which Mafia power becomes stronger. The sons of Peppino and Mannina grow up in tough changing times marked by protests and demonstrations. But Peppino knows that Bagheria has also changed, and now in his elder years, he returns to the place where his childhood dreams began.

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