Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the legendary warrior and hero, Conan the Barbarian, who goes on a dangerous, full-blooded quest to avenge his parents’ massacre.

Conan The Barbarian

From the pages of Weird Tales magazine springs Robert E. Howard's pulp fiction hero, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan. Melding a mixture of Howard's fantasy and sword-and-sorcery stories with the fertile imaginations of writer/director John Milius and Oliver Stone, CONAN THE BARBARIAN begins with young Conan losing his parents to the raiding party of the evil warlord Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones). Young Conan is sold off to slave traders where, as he grows in size and strength, his masters train and condition him for the barbaric games in the arena, where the winners walk away with their honor and the losers pay with their lives. Conan soon becomes so powerful that his masters realize that they will not be able to control him for much longer and release him into the wild. There, he lives by his wits as a thief and adventurer, until he inadvertently steals a gemstone from Thulsa Doom. Vowing to avenge his parents, Conan wages war against Doom and his cult of snake worshipers. Joined by his friend, Subotai (Gerry Lopez), and woman warrior and love of his life, Valeria (Sandahl Bergman), CONAN THE BARBARIAN will have his revenge at any cost.

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