“What they say about the South is nonsense, what they say about the South is true.” Sequel to Benvenuti al Sud, with Bisio, Siani, Finocchiaro, Lodovini and Paolo Rossi. This time it is Mattia’s turn to move to Milan after Maria has left him. He starts working in the same Post Office branch of Alberto’s, who is also in a marital crisis. Will they be able to win back their wives’ hearts?

Benvenuti al Nord

A few years after the first chapter, in Castellabate Mattia and Maria have become parents of little Edinson. But Maria is dissatisfied because they still live together with her mother-in-law. Maria cannot bear Mattia’s incapability of taking responsibilities and leaves him taking their son with her. Mattia is desperate and due to a misunderstanding is transferred to Milan in the same Post Office branch where his friend Alberto is the manager. Alberto is also having a hard time with Silvia who presses him to buy a holiday home in the mountains. But Alberto, overburdened with work, has just been assigned a very important pilot project that will require him to work every Saturday for a whole year. He can’t find the courage to tell Silvia and when she finds out by chance, she leaves his husband to move in with her mother and son Chicco. Mattia, who lives as a guest in Alberto’s house, is overwhelmed by the frenetic Milanese way of life and finds it hard to integrate. The two friends, single again, spend their nights attending parties, but unhappy with their new life, they finally decide to roll up their sleeves and show their wives that they can change and become mature men. When Maria finally arrives in Milan with family and friends, she finds a new Mattia in front of her. But will she believe that he’s really changed? And will Alberto find a way to get closer to Silvia?

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