Comedic duo Verdone and Giorgi star in this award-winning film full of gags, misunderstandings, about mistaken identities. Sergio is a clumsy door-to-door salesman who pretends to be a hedonist to impress Nadia, who is a huge fan of Lucio Dalla.


Third comedy directed by and starring Verdone who plays for the first time a single character with a split personality. Polar-opposite strangers Nadia and Sergio are two young door-to-door salespeople. Shy and clumsy Sergio is engaged to Rossella but is poorly tolerated by his despotic father-in-law. Bubbly and friendly Nadia is engaged to Cristiano and is a die-hard fan of Lucio Dalla. Nadia and Sergio arrange an appointment with Mr. Manuel Fantoni, a playboy who boasts to rub shoulders with many celebrities. Sergio arrives first at Mr. Fantoni’s house, whereas Nadia stops to buy tickets for Dalla’s concert. Suddenly the Carabinieri burst into the flat to get Manuel, whose real name is Cesare Cuticchia, and take him to the police station on charges of fraud. When Nadia arrives shortly afterwards, Sergio decides to pass himself off as Manuel and, having discovered that the girl is a huge Lucio Dalla fan, tells her that the singer is a great friend of his. Nadia and Sergio then start dating but difficulties arise when Sergio’s girlfriend and father-in-law become suspicious. Will he manage to escape from his own tangled web of lies? Will he reveal his real identity to Nadia? Awarded with 5 David di Donatello and 2 Nastri d’Argento.

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