Checco Zalone and Gennaro Nunziante make their directorial debut with a bang. Dumped by his girlfriend, an aspiring singer from Puglia moves to Milan. There, naive and irreverent, he tries to win the heart of the beautiful Marika and make it in show business. Will he be able to overcome her father's prejudice against southerners? Will he be able to become a true musical phenomenon?

Cado dalle nubi

"I like you because you make me laugh." Thirty-year-old Checco lives in Polignano a Mare, is in love with Angela and at night is a singer, dreaming of success. But suddenly his girlfriend leaves him because she considers him a failure and he still doesn't have a stable job. Advised by his uncle, he moves to his cousin Alfredo's house in Milan to try to make it in the world of music. Alfredo is homosexual and lives with Manolo but has not yet had the courage to come out to his family. Thanks to him, Checco begins to sing in night clubs with little success, but when he meets Marika, a beautiful university student who does voluntary work in a parish helping troubled young people, he immediately falls in love with her. From that moment on, he tries to get to know the girl as much as possible, teaching guitar in the parish and inviting her to go out with him. But Marika is in love with her psychology professor and sincerely tells Checco that she just wants to be friends. Checco doesn't give up and while he's trying to take part in the auditions for the TV talent show "We Want You," his family joins him in Milan, making the situation precipitate into a funny game of misunderstandings and laughter. How will Alfredo hide his homosexuality? And will Checco manage to win Marika's heart and make it in the music business?

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