Comedy, science fiction and a winning combination: the giant and the child. Sheriff Hall and the extraterrestrial H7-25 return with a new adventure. In the town of Monroe, some bad aliens intend to conquer the planet. After defeating the army of androids, Hall will face the national army and he will be willing to do anything to save his young deputy, even flying!

Chissà perché … capitano tutte a me

Little extraterrestrial H7-25 stayed on Earth to be with Sheriff Scott Hall and the American army is still on its way to capture him. H7-25 and Scott are forced to move from one state to another until they stop in Monroe where the sheriff accepts a new assignment. Here, the local crime is quickly defeated, but the troubles do not end: an evil alien has settled on Earth with an army of androids, and he wants to take possession of it. H7-25 warns the sheriff who convinces himself to take action when the child’s life is put in danger. After a final fight Scott rescues his little friend. The citizens of Monroe gather for a Thanksgiving parade and during the event the army breaks in to capture H7-25. The extraterrestrial makes the car take off and escapes with the sheriff but when he wants to return the car to Earth does not have enough energy and Scott wonders: "Who knows why it all happens to me?" Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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