The Laroche family recently moved to a creepy old villa. When his parents go on a business trip, eleven-year-old Viktor stumbles upon mysterious clues that will uncover a huge secret.

Das Haus der Krokodile

The Laroche family lives in a creepy old villa. When his parents go on holiday, eleven-year-old Viktor is left home alone with his older sisters Cora and Louise. On a tour of the creaky rooms the boy discovers a small, stuffed crocodile with empty eye sockets hiding between dusty moving boxes and ancient African masks. Only the soft ticking of an old grandfather clock can be heard in the dim light of the room. Suddenly Viktor freezes in front of a large mirror, his eyes widening in horror: behind him a dark figure flits through the house. A burglar, a ghost? Viktor sets off in search of it in a panic. Instead he finds Cäcilie's diary in the "forbidden room." The young girl mysteriously died in the house many years ago. Viktor is glued to the book and Cäcilie's mysterious clues lead him through the villa. But weird Mrs. Debisch from next door and her son Friedrich keep throwing a spanner in the works. And their shady neighbour Strichninsky is also behaving strangely. Did they have something to do with Cäcilie's death? Viktor senses that he is about to uncover a huge secret.

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