In a dull village where nothing ever happens, a boy finds a living mummy in his room. It's the start of an amazing friendship, teaching the boy more than any friend could.

Dummie De Mummie

"Imagine. Your name is Goos Guts, you are normal, and nothing ever happens in the rural village where you live. Then one day a living mummy is sitting on your bed. What do you do then? Goos (Julian Ras) and his father Klaas (Roeland Fernhout) decide to pretend like Dummie is their Egyptian cousin with a lot of burns. This idea turns into a very cool adventure. Dummie must go to school, but he must never lose his magical scarab. When two school bullies take it from him, Goos must show how much he cares for his new best friend! Dummie de Mummie is based on the eponymous book series by Tosca Menten."

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