Seven new musical selections, and one returning favorite, are featured in this stunning contemporary update of Disney's animated classic. A new generation of animators use the latest technological tools and innovations to blend traditional animation with modern flair, creating a wonderful new take on the glorious masterpiece.

Fantasia 2000

Inspired by Walt Disney's vision of the original Fantasia as a work-in-progress, Fantasia 2000 continues that vision in a creative blend of classical music and the latest animated imagery, featuring "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and seven new sequences. See whales soar through the clouds and into space in "Pines of Rome"; laugh with a flock of flamingos as they try to persuade one of their own to behave in "The Carnival of the Animals"; urge on Donald Duck, as Noah's assistant, trying to get animals into the ark in "Pomp and Circumstance"; and root for four 1930s New Yorkers wishing for a better life in "Rhapsody in Blue."  With technological tools and innovations that blend traditional animation with modern flair, this is a feast for your eyes, ears and heart.

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