Who could be more desperate than a slave regretting his chains? We laugh bitterly in the sixth chapter of Fantozzi's adventures directed by Neri Parenti. The accountant Ugo, now retired, does not know how to spend his free time and ends up looking for, and finding, a way to return to work. Humiliations and mockery culminate in the systematic robbery during pension withdrawal.

Fantozzi va in pensione

"From tomorrow a new life begins for us." For the first time the setting is no longer the office, but it moves to explore the family environment and Fantozzi's relationship with his wife Pina. Having reached retirement together with some of his colleagues including the surveyor Filini and Miss Silvani, life gets dull and uninteresting for Italy’s unluckiest accountant, and in order not to get bored he tries everything, punctually receiving a resounding disappointment: he accompanies his wife Pina to the market and returns home with a side of beef; again with his wife he goes to the cinema but by mistake he finds himself watching "Le casalingue," an adult film. Fantozzi adopts a terrifying fighting dog, the new master of the house, that opens the door to thieves who rob him. There is also a tragicomic INPS (Italy's National Welfare Institution) trip organized by his friend Filini, which after an 18-hour coach journey to reach Venice, culminates in a visit to the famous Postumia Caves where a stalactite falls from the ceiling and hits Fantozzi on the head. Increasingly depressed and nostalgic about work, he tries to find a job pretending to be a 35-year-old man, but after being discovered, he is humiliated by everyone. His wife Pina, played by Milena Vukotic, will be throughout ​the film a strong sidekick for Fantozzi who will go from being bored to depressed, only to end up begging to be reemployed in the company, discovering that his former colleagues have made the same choice.

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