In this comedy, Verdone brings transformism to a multi-voiced portrait of Armando Feroci, who is condemned to death in an Arab country. As the media interview family members and acquaintances, a portrait of a vain and coarse man emerges: a swindler with multiple personalities who is capable of running away with his brother’s blind wife as he is of running for mayor of Rome.

Gallo cedrone

Newspapers and television news programmes all over the world are talking about the death sentence on Armando Feroci, who joined the Red Cross in an Arab country. What happened? Who is Armando Feroci? The episodes in the life of “the only rooster who wakes up at noon” are told to the journalists by his ex-wife, his daughter, his friends, his brother and his wife. What emerges is the portrait of a vain and coarse forty-year-old who picks up women on the street, is a motorcycle enthusiast and an Elvis Presley fanatic, whose natural son he claims to be. Married but separated, he has a daughter who remembers him as a man full of life and eager to stay young. Armando has also a dentist brother to whom he takes Martina, his blind wife who’s looking for adventure. This is followed by a striptease contest for housewives in which Martina takes part hoping to win the first prize, and a serious accident involving Armando, run over by Martina who drives a car despite her blindness. Recovered from a coma, he decides to join the Red Cross in an Arab country. We return to the opening scene with Feroci in prison who, thanks to Italian diplomacy, is freed. But then we discover, to our shame, that he had been arrested for harassing an Arab woman. A leopard cannot change its spots. Once out of trouble, sometime later we see him holding an electoral meeting: he is running the upcoming elections for mayor of Rome. In praise of transformism, Verdone’s comedy and his characters are entertaining. We laugh, although it is a bitter laugh.

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