Pietro Zinni is in jail once again, and this time he has the whole gang in there with him, forcing them to plan the ultimate escape in order to complete the toughest job yet. The objective is no longer a hunt for smart-drugs: now the enemy is Walter Mercurio, another former university researcher who executed a massacre by releasing nerve gas during an important award ceremony at the university.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want: Ad Honorem

Sopox is the nerve gas formula. Here is why he needed a chromatograph. This loony wants to synthesize the nerve gas.’ That’s how the final chapter of I Can Quit Whenever I Want saga, starts. Pietro Zinni is in jail and with him the whole squad. But they cannot stay long because Walter Mercurio (Luigi Lo Cascio) is ready to make a massacre and only the best minds in circulation can stop him. But who is Walter Mercurio? What is hiding? What is his plan? The Squad meets for the last time to face off the worst bad guy ever. But they cannot do this alone, this time they will need the help of their historic nemesys, Murena (Neri Marcorè). With him, they will have to escape from Rebibbia to anticipate the moves of Mercurio, trying to figure out how to neutralize the attack he is plotting, an event that hundreds of people will be attending. I Can Quit Whenever I Want – Ad Honorem it’s going to be explosive, with an epic, grand finale, that will close the circle of the whole trilogy. Each saga has an end.

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