The most highly cultured gang of criminals of all time is back in an epic trilogy. Something we hadn’t realized has already taken place. And they’re coming back to protect us.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want: Masterclass

The band of university researchers caught between crime and legality is back. And the neurobiologist Pietro Zinni is back, ready to tie up all the loose ends from I Can Quit Whenever I Want. If in the first chapter they had worked to create a new legal drug, now it is the law to call on them to eliminate thirty from the market and wipe the slate clean. Pietro, persuaded by drug squad inspector Paola Coletti calls his distinguished colleagues back together, adding some new valid elements to the group of brain drainers. The mission is extremely delicate and among the substances they are after there is one that really gives them a run for their money… Sopox: totally pure and perfectly synthesized. The second chapter veers towards action comedy, with accidents, chases, explosions, robberies and attacks.. an unstoppable avalanche of situations and characters, more and more daring and stupefying!

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