Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo star in this sketch comedy in which four stories are told and connected by the wise words of Master Tsu' Nam. Divided into four episodes, “Milan Beach,” “The Devil’s Bus”, “False Prisoners” and “Basal Body Temperature" humorously portray the most common behavioural patterns.

Il cosmo sul comò

Comedy split into four episodes connected by the words of wisdom of Master Tsu' Nam, portraying behaviours and relationships we can all identify with. In the first episode entitled “Milan beach," three friends gather at 6 a.m. on August 3rd and head off on their summer holidays, but unforeseen situations and arguments will change their plans. The second episode, “The Devil’s Bus," is centered around a dilapidated suburban church and his pastor, who receives a generous donation from a lovesick parishioner. “False Prisoners” is set in a Hogwarts-style castle where living portraits are able to talk and move around from picture to picture. “Basal Body Temperature” explores the difficulties to fulfill the desire for fatherhood, with a psychotherapy session resulting in a tragicomic incident. In the end, life takes its course and find a way.

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