Sicily, 1940s, World War II. This is the tale of an impossible love told through the gaze of Renato, a boy “too young” for a woman “too beautiful." In a closed and gossipy village, beauty becomes a guilt to be punished and envy is terrible and cruel. Monica Bellucci is perfect, her body arouses desires and reactions more than a thousand words. Music by Ennio Morricone.


1940 Sicily. Renato is thirteen-years-old and has an obsessive passion for the beautiful Malèna. The husband of the young woman has left for the front and without a man by her side her beauty makes unmanageable the erotic desires of men, becoming an intolerable threat to the country’s wives. The young Renato spies on her, idealizes her and dreams about her but Malèna is unaware of that constant look that accompanies her as she undresses, dresses and dances thinking of her man at war. The only brunt of the look she feels is those of envy and hypocrisy while she crosses the square. When Malèna believes that she has become a widow and is estranged from her father as well, she will have no choice but to satisfy the rumors and give herself to men to survive. Her misfortunes will end with the end of the war, when her husband, far from being dead, will find her thanks to Renato, that teenager that has become a man and who was able to transform the feeling into sublime love and change her destiny. Renato will never forget Malena; Malena will choose to forget everything, even the wickedness suffered. The end of the war makes things right, but not always leaves us better.

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