Nirvana is a new video game created by programmer Jimi. A few days before its release, the game attacked by a virus. The infection affects the game’s protagonist Solo, who suddenly is endowed with consciousness and self-awareness. For Solo the virtual life is no longer enough, and if he cannot be free, he prefers not to exist.


On Christmas Eve, Jimi Dini, computer programmer of video games for the company Okasama, discovers a virus in the codes of Nirvana, his latest creation ready for the market. The infection causes behavioral changes to the protagonist Solo, who becomes conscious and self-aware. Solo asks Jimi to free him from the imprisonment of his fictional existence. Jimi fulfills his desire and leaves for the suburbs of the city to penetrate the systems of Okasama and to find Lisa, the woman who abandoned him and who has been missing for a year. In the multi-ethnic neighborhoods he meets Joystick, a cunning pirate of the network who knows how to navigate the slums of the city. Joystick needs money to fix the compromised cameras of his artificial eyes and when Jimi reveals the existence of a secret bank account, he accepts to help him. They track down Naima, a hacker able to breach the most sophisticated cyber defenses. The trio manage to get into Okasama’s systems, transfer the fund’s money and delete Nirvana. Jimi is blocked by Okasama’s men, but Solo is already free.

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