The Utrecht student Phileine is a social animal. Her crazy life shakes when love Max leaves for New York for a theater production. Jealous Phileine travels after him and finds him in the naked arms of another. On stage. Food for bumblebee bumblebees.

Phileine zegt sorry

On a whim, "ultrabitch" Phileine travels after her friend Max, who is participating in an international Shakespeare project as an actor in New York. She suspects that he is more interested in his co-star Joanne than in her, which eventually lands her in the arms of Joanne's friend. In a fit of sexual jealousy, she disrupts Max and Joanne's intimate interpretation of Romeo & Juliet. The newfound national fame doesn't bring her the happiness she hoped for, and she realizes in the luxurious solitude of her Waldorf Astoria hotel suite that Max means more to her than she ever imagined. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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