Salvatore’s fourth and final film on the theme of escape, directing the trio Abatantuono-Bisio-Golino in a surreal comedy tinged with detective stories. Witness to a murder, Mario Tozzi flees to Puerto Escondido to escape those who want to kill him. In Mexico he joins up with a couple of Italians who drag him into trouble, with a surprise ending. Awarde 2 silver ribbons.

Puerto Escondido

Salvatore’s fourth and final film on the theme of escape, based on the novel of the same name by Pino Cacucci and inspired by the story of Claudio Conti from Verona. Mario Tozzi is an assistant bank manager who is an involuntary witness to a murder carried out by a police inspector, Alfredo Viola. In order to silence him, the commissioner tries to eliminate him but, miraculously managing to save himself, Mario decides to flee to Puerto Escondido. When he arrives in Mexico, he immediately finds himself in financial trouble because he loses his credit card and is forced to sell his Rolex to get cash. Soon his money is stolen by Alex, an Italian wanderer he met in a bar. After clearing up the incident, he becomes friend with Alex and moves into the beach hut he shares with his Italian girlfriend Anita. Mario joins the couple and tries to make easy money by betting on cockfights, dealing soft drugs and reselling things bought in the United States. One day, in a restaurant, he comes face to face with inspector Viola, who has come to Puerto Escondido to hunt him down, but the policeman is no longer the same: he has met a local woman and completely changed his life. Grateful towards Mario, he decides to help him and Anita to break Alex out of jail. From that moment, having reached a point of no return, their lives will change forever. What will be the price to pay? Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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