Eliseo is ugly, single and has never known love. Nati is ugly, has recently recovered from cancer and is divorced, but she too doesn't know what true love is. He thinks his life can only get worse. She thinks the exact opposite. When Eliseo's mother dies, they meet again for the first time in 20 years. It could be their last chance to fall in love and be happy.

Que se mueran los feos

Eliseo is ugly, single and has never known love. He lives with his mother and his uncle Auxilio, who is ill with cancer. Eliseo never found the love of his life, and spends his time looking after the family farm. He gave up his dreams of going to music school and learning to play the trumpet years ago, but his mother convinces him to study again. However, he can never follow his dream, as his mother is run over and dies just when she was saying goodbye to her son. After the tragedy, Eliseo decides to settle in the town for good and accept that he will never marry. Nati is Eliseo's sister-in-law. Having recently recovered from breast cancer, she goes to the family farm seeking shelter and affection after she learns about her husband's infidelity. Eliseo is initially distrustful but finds Nati’s joyful approach to life contagious. After a bizarre cow competition during the local festivities, all characters' paths cross, creating hilarious and emotional situations.

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