An adventure film with the intriguing and likable little Cary Guffey (Close Encounters of the Third Kind). A cocktail of laughter and tenderness supported with pleasant soundtrack by De Angelis brothers. In Newnan, Sheriff Scott doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials, until he finds himself in front of H7-25, a small alien with extraordinary powers.

Sceriffo extraterrestre poco extra e molto terrestre

In Newnan, an American town in Georgia, a sudden blackout generates panic among the population. Everyone is convinced this is an imminent extraterrestrial invasion. The only skeptic to be convinced is a local Sheriff, Scott Hall who tries to calm his fellow citizens. Hall meets a child who claims to be H7-25 from a distant galaxy in the Pegasus constellation. The Sheriff doesn’t believe the boy and tries to track down his family, but the child, through an electronic device, shows his incredible abilities: he is able to command at will objects and people’s actions. Now Scott believes that H7-25 is really an alien and agrees to help him reach the ship that will come down to take him home. The news of the special guest and his powerful weapon ignites the interest of the greedy Captain Davis, the commander of the military base, who attempts to kidnap him several times. The Sheriff manages to protect his young friend who joins his father’s spaceship to get him home, but at the end H7-25 decides to stay with his giant Sheriff for another 5,000 light years! Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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