Filippo, an unpleasant man, but a great news anchor, is sent to the Canary Islands to do a report on a rare flock of storks nesting on a volcano. He finishes the story in one day and is about to leave when a big storm stops him. Then, waking up the next morning, he finds he’s living exactly the same day all over again.

Stork Day

Filippo (Antonio Albanese) is just as misanthropic, unpleasant and hateful as he is efficient and impeccable as a famous TV reporter. But the news director can’t wait to get rid of him and ships him off to the Canary Islands to do a fluff piece on a flock of storks that have nested atop a volcano. A shy and nice camera operator, Enrico (Fabio De Luigi) muct accompany him on the assignment, and waiting for them on the island is Rita (Goya Toledo), a local biologist to show them around. Filippo manages to get the story in a single day and is immediately ready to leave, but a strong storm strands him on the island. And when he wakes up the next morning, he begins to realize that today is an exact repetition of yesterday.

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