If you want to fight the bad guys, you need someone who knows the bad guys. The FBI enlists a former IRA terrorist to eliminate a killer who is supposed to assassinate a high-profile US politician. The hitman is only known by the name “Jackal” and proves to be a real master of disguise.

The Jackal

The Jackal, the most dangerous hitman of the world, is supposed to avenge the death of a Russian gangster that died at the hand of the FBI. The FBI wants to prevent this assassination, but there is next to no information about the Jackal for them to go off of. It is even questionable if the Jackal exists at all. Desperate, the FBI turns to the Irish freedom fighter, Declan Mulqueen, who is incarcerated in a prison in the USA. If his release from prison is guaranteed, he wants to try whatever it takes to identify the Jackal. This marks the beginning of a race against the clock.

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