Doro kicks her boyfriend Axel out of their flat after catching him with another woman, yet again. Axel goes to live with two gay men, Norbert and Walter, and a complicated series of events ensues, involving plenty of misunderstandings in a battle of the sexes.

The Most Desired Man

That last affair may have been one too many. Axel’s girlfriend Doro kicks him out of their flat. His fruitless search for a place to stay leads him to the door of two gay men, Walter and Norbert. They are both rather enamoured and try to woo the straight guy. The very moment Axel and Doro reconcile, he finds out about her pregnancy and Norbert is hiding naked in their bedroom closet. Doro starts to suspect, with more and more evidence to back her up, that Axel is having an affair with a man.

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