This Vacanze Romane-style comedy with Verdone’s distinctive touch of melancholy tells the story of Rolando, a caretaker with an honours degree who poses as Michael Spinetti, a prominent theologian, to seize the opportunity to earn extra money by becoming a well-paid private tutor of an American teen model. Things get complicated when the two fall in love.

Acqua e sapone

The fourth film directed by Carlo Verdone is a light comedy featuring the renowned soundtrack song “Soap and Water” written by Vasco and performed by Stadio. The plot is inspired by the 1980’s controversy involving Brooke Shields’ mother-manager accused of exploiting her daughter during the early stages of her career. Teenage supermodel Sandy Walsh moves to Rome for a few months to do photo shoots and fashion shows. The mother-manager who accompanies her chooses a well-known priest, Michael Spinetti, as her Italian tutor. When she telephones the convent, she reaches Rolando, the school’s caretaker. He’s an awkward thirty-year-old with a first-class degree who is still looking for a suitable job and lives with his lively grandmother, the legendary Sora Lella. Overcoming his usual shyness, Rolando decides to take the place of the theologian by turning up at the girl’s house. But Sandy soon spots the deception and forces Rolando to spend some leisure days with her around Rome in exchange for her silence. Despite the age difference, the friendship between Sandy and Rolando soon turns into something else. When Sandy’s mother meets the real Michael Spinetti by chance, she fires him and forbids her daughter to see him. But the girl escapes from a photo shoot and the two spend a few hours together. In the end Sandy decides to return to her family and everyday life. David di Donatello to Elena Fabrizi, the famous Sora Lella, and film debut for Fabrizio Bracconeri, who plays Rolando’s meddlesome neighbour.

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