This comedy drama intertwines the destinies of three men at Amnesia, one of Ibiza’s oldest nightclubs. Porn producer Sandro receives an unexpected visit from his daughter Luce and rediscovers his paternal instinct. Angelino runs a beach bar, is in debt and wants a family of his own, whatever it takes. Police chief Xavier is an old-fashioned man, in conflict with his sexual attitudes and his son.


Comedy drama with Diego Abatantuono, Sergio Rubini, Ruben Ochandiano and Martina Stella. Set over three days in Ibiza, the parallel destinies of three men collide at Amnesia, the popular club on the island. Sandro is a porn director who receives an unexpected visit from his seventeen-year-old daughter Luce, who grew up in boarding school in Florence unaware of his profession. When she arrives, Luce isn’t alone... she’s pregnant. Sandro reacts badly but this time he can’t escape his responsibilities and must make up for his absence as a father. Angelino runs a beach bar and is in debt, living with Alicia and dreaming of owning a nice house and having a family of his own. One morning, on the way home from a funeral, his bike stops unexpectedly in the street and causes a car crash. The driver is a drug mule who dies instantly, leaving a suitcase full of cocaine in the car and for Angelino the goal of a better life seems one step closer. Xavier is the police chief and lives with his son Jorge, a young man lost in a life of drugs and excess, with whom he is in constant conflict after the death of his wife. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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