An entrepreneur stages the bankruptcy fraud of his family company to teach his spoiled adult children the value of work and money. Featuring the remarkable Apulian landscape, this Mexican comedy remake follows the lasting impact of improving family through humility and responsibility.

Belli di papà

Rich workaholic entrepreneur Vincenzo is a widowed and absent father who realizes that he cannot pass on his family business to his three spoiled and good-for-nothing grown-up children. Vincenzo’s eldest son Matteo “works” in his company dreaming up “innovative” yet expensive and unrealistic projects; fashionista Chiara is engaged to “asshole” Loris, a PR manager for trendy restaurants who wants to marry her for money; Vincenzo’s youngest son Andrea is more attracted to female teachers over 50 than to university studies. Vincenzo decides to take action and give his children a lesson: he tells them that, being charged with bankruptcy fraud, they have to hide into his dilapidated family house in Apulia in order to avoid jail. There Matteo, Chiara and Andrea, without money nor a cell phone, will be forced to get a job for the first time in their lives. In spite of some teething troubles, Matteo gets a job as a mover, Chiara finds work as a waitress and Andrea sells a Scottish slimming mud door-to-door. At the end, when the truth is revealed, their lives will be radically changed.

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