The atmosphere is gloomy at Falkenstein castle. Amid busy preparations for a festive costume ball, there is a burglary. And the miscreants have not only made off with valuable paintings, but – far worse – Count Falko’s entire collection of monocles is gone. As if that weren’t bad enough, the mood at neighboring Martins Farm holiday farm is equally glum – not a single guest has booked in yet.

Bibi & Tina: Voll Verhext

The atmosphere is gloomy at Falkenstein castle. Amid busy preparations for a festive. costume ball, there is a burglary. The miscreants have made off with valuable family portraits and even Count Falko’s entire collection of monocles is gone. The case is taken up by an extremely attractive police detective, but Bibi, Tina, and Alex absolutely must stick their noses in as well – natch. Count Falko, on the other hand, seems less interested in the investigation itself than he is in the dedicated and lovely detective doing the investigating. But before Bibi & Tina can throw themselves into sleuthing, they have to solve another problem. Not a single holiday guest has booked into the Martins Farm and the newly bereft Count Falko is pressuring the leaseholding Martin family for his rent. So Bibi has a brilliant idea – a marketing rollout! With flyers and a fabulous show – totally without magic – they manage to drum up a few neophyte riders. The guests arrive just a few days later. Clemens and Charlotte arrive at the Martins Farm with their helicopter mom. Then the Schmüll children show up; Tarik, his older brother Ole, and younger siblings Lynnie, Jessie, and Jacko. They arrive clutching a crumpled consent form from their mother and a few scrunched up euro bills and hope to stay for a week. Bibi enthusiastically volunteers to take care of the new arrivals, with an especially keen eye to awake the joy of riding in Tarik. She’s so smitten that she even casts spell to turn him into a perfect rider. They gallop across the countryside, enjoying their freedom. So much in fact that Bibi completely forgets that she’s supposed to meet Tina and Alex, who have been busy trying to find out who’s behind the burglary at Falkenstein castle. Bibi’s behavior makes Tina hopping mad, especially after the teenager’s investigations give rise to a dreadful intimation. It seems it may not be a coincidence that the Schmüll kids arrived at Martins Farm just after the break-in at the castle. Could there be more to it? Bibi trusts Tarik and doesn’t want to share Tina’s suspicions. As it becomes more and more obvious that Ole and Tarik are planning another robbery, Bibi does everything in her power to stop them. She’s so confused and disappointed by Tarik’s lies that her hexing skills go sideways and she finds herself on a brief, madcap trip through time. It’s not until the very last moment that she uncovers the identity of the thief and mastermind behind the crime.

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