Verdone directs a comedy with an ensemble cast about finding the resolution to long-lasting conflicts. Fifteen years after leaving high school, Federica invites her former classmates to a luxurious villa for a reunion. As the evening unfolds, the encounter takes a melancholic turn as guests start to reveal their grievances.

Compagni di scuola

Inspired by Verdone’s own experience, the film stars Eleonora Giorgi, Massimo Ghini, Nancy Brilli, Christian De Sica e Athina Cenci, who won a David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress. Fifteen years after leaving high school, the beautiful Federica decides to invite her former classmates to her luxurious villa outside Rome for a reunion. Most of them have changed a little in terms of physical appearance and everyone recognizes each other except Fabris, who is immediately made fun of. After many years, their group dynamics hasn’t changed, and during a “class roll call” each one communicates his job and his achievements in his professional and personal life. Piero, nicknamed “Er Patata” and played by Verdone, is a high school teacher who has a relationship with one of his students and is oppressed by his wife. Bruno is a washed-up singer with financial issues, Mauro has become a prominent politician, psychoanalyst Maria Rita is now an old maid, and Luca is trying to win back his ex-wife Valeria. Lino arrives in a wheelchair accompanied by Armando, pretending to be disabled after a car accident to make fun of his former classmates behind their back. The evening unfolds amidst goliardic acts, moments of melancholy and the resolution of long-lasting conflicts.

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