Leo and his friends play at being the Wild Soccer Bunch. With the help of a mysterious map, they suddenly arrive in Wild Soccer Bunch Land and learn about a pact: If there is no new team good enough to defeat Michi's in ten years, the land belongs to him, and then he may destroy it. In ten days this ultimatum expires! Leo and friends must save it.

The Wild Soccer Bunch 6

Holidays at last! For Leo and his friends, that means six weeks of nothing but soccer and reenacting the Wild Bunch! When their self-made ball rolls onto the street, a mysterious man with an eye patch appears. They don't recognize him, but it's Marlon - a real Wild Guy! He tells the boys that the Wild Bunch actually exists and are looking for someone to follow in their footsteps. He is just able to hand them a mysterious map of Wild Soccer Bunch Land before Leo's mother calls the boys into the house. She forbids them any contact with the strange man and locks the map away! But the friends have a plan: they arrange to meet the next morning. They gaze in amazement at the plan, with tree house, devil's pot and graffiti castle, in which Fat Michi lives. And suddenly they realize: they live right in the middle of it all, in Wild Soccer Bunch Land! From Destiny Square with the ice cream parlor, a path leads through the eerie gate directly there. On their bicycles they race off into Wild Soccer Bunch Land! They immediately start bolting, meet Willi, the best trainer in the world, and ask him to train them. He takes them on their bikes to the premises of the demolition company BIG M. to show them something: seven 12- to 15-year-old aggressive boys coaching soccer - the Galactic Victors and their leader, Bad Ronald. And it's this invincible team, older, stronger and with one more man on the pitch, that they now have to beat! Because when the real Wild Soccer Bunch set off beyond the horizon back then, they didn't want to leave their country unprotected and made a pact with Fat Michi: For ten years, the Devil's Pot is off-limits to him. After that, he is allowed to destroy Wild Soccer Bunch Land - unless a team can be found that is wild enough to defeat his team. Willi agrees to train the guys, but at the same time they have to clean up the completely littered ball field. And they need a seventh player, whom they are looking for with casting calls - girls expressly unwanted! Of those who come forward, Müller is the clear favorite. However, when it turns out that Müller is a girl who also wins the striker's position in a duel with Leo, the latter has had enough and leaves. The team threatens to break up... But that's not all. The Galactic Victors attack the tree house, the heart of the Wild Soccer Bunch. Now all seems lost... Only when Leon, legendary leader of the now grown-up Wild Soccer Bunch, shows up and talks about a test of courage and a mad adventure like they have never experienced before, does the team regain their courage. They are ready to fight and become real men, even if the risk is great - if they mess up, they will lose everything that is wild and means something...

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