Jean Baptiste Grenouille was abandoned by his mother in the garbage. Nobody loved him because there was something exceptional about him: he was completely odorless. He was, however, endowed with an extraordinary sense of smell. He got a job at the home of perfumer Bandini, who taught him how to distill essences. But he was obsessed with the idea of ​​catching the scent of some women.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Jean Baptiste Grenouille was born in the middle of the stench of fish remains in a market and was abandoned by his mother in the garbage. The boy grew up in a hostile environment, nobody loved him and even his classmates tried to kill him, all because there was something that made him different: he had no smell. However, Jean Baptiste had an exceptional nose. At the age of 20 he managed to work for the perfume maker Bandini, who taught him to distill essences. But he wanted to catch other smells, the smell of glass, copper... and above all the smell of certain women. In exchange for hundreds of perfume formulas that Bandini enriched himself with, he wrote him a letter of recommendation to learn the art of "enfleurage" in the perfume capital of the world: Grasse. Once there, he achieves his goal, a perfume whose ingredients are the essence of young girls from the city, whom he had to kill and maim to obtain it.

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