Neri Parenti directs chapter 7 of the Fantozzi saga, and for the accountant Ugo it is time for revenge on both a social and personal level. He will be an incorruptible juror in a dangerous Mafia trial, and after separating from his wife Pina, he will win the heart of Miss Silvani. He will end up being mocked and humiliated, in the most melancholic ending of the saga.

Fantozzi alla riscossa

“You have to accept yourself for what you are. You have no inferiority complex, you are inferior!” In the wake of the previous “Fantozzi retires," this chapter also deals with Fantozzi's life away from work in a sad and melancholic atmosphere. Ugo is always depressed and suffers the life of a pensioner but one day he receives a call as a juror in a Mafia trial, and proud to represent the law against the Mob, he shows himself incorruptible while judges accept bribes. But at the end of the trial, exhausted by constant threats, he accuses himself of the Mafia charges and ends up in prison. Memorable is the intimidating act of the Mafia that makes him find in his bed a giant octopus with which Fantozzi has a fleeting relationship, mistaking it for his wife Pina. Discharged for semi-insanity, he decides to take lessons in grit and violence from a former English hooligan. At the final exam he has to snatch an old lady, but due to a misunderstanding he ends up robbing his former employer, Duke Count Barambani, who seeing Fantozzi changed makes him re-hire in the company investing him with enormous powers. Of course, it is all a setup by the “Megadirector” and Fantozzi ends up in jail for fraudulent bankruptcy. After being released, he separates from his wife Pina because the woman, during his detention, has published a book that became a bestseller entitled: “How to live with a loser and be happy”. He manages to win Miss Silvani over, but their love story does not have a happy ending. Desperate, Fantozzi turns to a marriage agency to look for a soul mate. But on the first date Fantozzi finds himself in front of his wife Pina. In the most melancholic ending of the saga, the two, hand in hand, walk home together.

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