Maxi believes his life to be perfect: renowned cook and owner of a trendy restaurant in Chueca, he lives his homosexuality proudly. However, the arrival of his children, product of a lavender marriage, and his new neighbour, an attractive Argentinian former footballer, will disrupt his life and make him reconsider his values.

Fuera de carta

Everything begins at 'Xantarella,' a gourmet market restaurant located in the Chueca district in Madrid. For Maxi, chief cook and proud owner, things couldn't be better: he's about to turn forty, and his establishment will probably be the next recipient of a prestigious Michelin star. To get it, he relies on Alex, his head waitress and best friend, and a kitchen team that, though sometimes acts like a bunch of preschoolers, is like family to him. However, Maxi's professional ambitions will be disrupted when his children, Edu (15) and Alba (6), show up after the sudden death of their mother, forcing Maxi to take care of them. It's not part of his plans to live with these children, product of a lavender marriage, who he had to abandon after coming out. But that's not the only thing that doesn't fit in his plans. The arrival of a new neighbor, Horacio Peretti, an attractive Argentinian former footballer, will turn the lives of Maxi, Alex, Edu, and Alba upside down. Love, family, jealousy and paternity are the ingredients that Maxi, from 'Xantarella,' will have to cook his new life with.

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