"The Battleship Kotiomkin is a crazy shit!" is Fantozzi's liberating cry after the umpteenth screening of the famous film The Battleship Potemkin which he is forced to attend. In the second chapter of the saga of the most humiliated accountant ever, finally an act of courage: Fantozzi rebels and takes Dr. Riccardelli hostage! The consequences will be tragic.

il secondo tragico Fantozzi!

The second chapter of the saga of the most frustrated employee in Italy is full of increasingly exaggerated and catastrophic gags, starting from the opening scene with a gunfight and Fantozzi driving the wrong way. We reach peaks of absolute comedy when Fantozzi is forced to accompany Duke Count Semenzara to the Monte Carlo Casino as a good luck charm, or when he attends a gala dinner in the villa of Countess Serbelloni Mazzanti Vien dal Mare, stuffing entire burning tomatoes into his mouth. And the humiliations continue with Professor Riccardelli, who forces employees to attend boring art-house cinema evenings until, during one of these screenings, Fantozzi rebels in a blatant way: he gets on stage and in front of the audience shouts one of his most famous phrases: "For me, Battleship Kotiomkin is a crazy shit!". Then he mistreats and takes Riccardelli hostage until the police burst in after 48 hours and releases the man. In a frenetic succession of paradoxical situations, there is a hunting trip with his friend Filini with a disastrous outcome and, after quitting the Mega Company and abandoning his wife Pina, he squanders all his money on a romantic elope in Capri with Miss Silvani. Fantozzi, flat broke, fails a suicide attempt by throwing himself into the Tiber, but one day he receives a phone call from the Galactic Mega Director who unexpectedly offers him a return to the company "from the highest point" he could hope for: as a lightning rod!

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