Sordi directs himself and Verdone in an on-the-road comedy about a father and a son who cannot be more different from each other. The father, Armando, is a pleasure-loving playboy. His son, Cristiano, is a naïve and clumsy idealist struggling for the protection of seagulls. Forced to travel together, they learn, clash and rediscover their father-son relationship along the journey.

In viaggio con papà

Cristiano is a young, naïve and idealistic member of a community for the protection of seagulls. During a stop in Rome, he takes the opportunity to visit his father Armando, whom he hasn’t seen for almost two years. The man is a womanizer who is about to leave to join his young lover. When his son arrives, Armando tries to get rid of him with the excuse of an important business trip to Liguria. By a lucky coincidence, Cristiano has to reach his community in Corsica, so Armando is forced to give him a lift. During the journey, Armando will continually try to leave his son behind, but every time he will find him sitting next to him in the car. For example, when during one of the obligatory stops he meets an ex-lover and convinces Cristiano to go out with her daughter and friends; the evening will turn out to be a bust. Armando also proposes to Cristiano to stay with his mother for a few days. The young man is convinced that his parents are still together, but he will discover the bitter reality. The journey continues and despite numerous quarrels and misunderstandings, father and son will learn to appreciate each other.

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