Spain, 1980. Two police detectives of opposing political views are sent from Madrid to a remote southern town in the Guadalquivir River marshlands to investigate the disappearance of two teenage girls. In a town still stuck in the past, they will have to face not only a cruel killer, but also their own inner demons.


Spain, 1980. Democracy is still young. In a small southern town in the marshlands, a town forgotten by most and still stuck in the past, two teenage girls disappear during the local festivities. Nobody misses them, as it's common for young people in the area to move out of town as soon as they can in search of a better life, and many are forced to run away from home to achieve this. Rocío, the mother of the teenagers, convinces the local judge, Andrade, to start an investigation. Two homicide detectives, Pedro and Juan, are sent from Madrid. They have very different personalities and approaches to their job. For different reasons, both are not going through their best time in the force. A farmer strike breaks out and jeopardizes the rice harvest, the main source of income for the town. This becomes a problem for the two detectives as well, as they are both pressured to close the case as soon as possible. However, their investigation uncovers the disappearance of multiple teenage girls in the area in recent years, as well as another important source of income for the town: drugs. Nothing is what it seems in this isolated, inward-looking town. The investigation is going nowhere. In this difficult situation, Juan and Pedro will have to face their own fears, their past, and their future. They'll become closer to each other, their methods more similar. Finding the killer is all that matters.

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